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Chauffeured Car Rental and

VIP Transfer Services

We are at your service 24/7 with our expert staff, equipped VIP vans and luxury cars.


Chauffeured Car Rentals

Our van with our VIP and VIP vehicles, where we are at your service whenever we need you. Enjoy with your family or colleagues in the backseat you during your trip when you are looking at the fastest way transportation from your hotel our driver you have. Wedding Organizsyon, Exhibition programs, business, driving the vehicle in the program don't keep yourself busy with sightseeing, car hire chauffeur enjoy.

Intercity Tours and Transfers

Whether on a holiday or business trip with your family with our VIP vehicles when traveling in our comfortable vehicles comfortably while sleeping or watching a movie, you will understand how the journey ended. During business trips, arrange meetings and online you will be spared from the fatigue of driving out of your busy schedule. Intercity transfer requests that possess the required education for our VIP service 7/24 with our professional and experienced drivers and luxury vehicles for your van is ready to. Vip car and Van long distance transfer.

Local Transfer

Between the destination point without losing time, without the stress of finding a taxi or using the tool without getting tired by the most professional captains of traffic-free paths, the shortest way from your transfer to the city and will not get you anywhere. Make yourself comfortable in the car; your vehicle is ready for your door! you can focus on your program.

Congress, Fair and Organization Transportation

For the business world, trade fairs, seminars and communications for the world of Congress and politics is very important. The perfect pass the correct operation of organizations to make timely access to the participants and the guests is important. at this point, many solutions to transportation and the organization of the ministry with our experience we are confident we can partner exhibition.

VIP Bridal Car Rental

We are aware that is the most special day of your life. We are come with our VIP minibuses with our service tool to beautify your day. Gotta bridal car of your dreams in the solution, and we'll provide access to the guests on the wedding reception.

About us

Corporate heritage, and professional approach
Started in 2000, BY ŞAŞMAZ GİY. TUR. LTD ŞTİ, which started its business life in 2000, stepped into the tourism sector with the brand MIA VIP TOUR in 2012 and has reinforced its leading position in luxury transportation since then. With the D2 Authorization Certificate obtained from the Ministry of Transportation and the title of Group A Travel Agency approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it offers services without sacrificing quality.

Why Us?

Perfect Service
MIA the VIP tour at the highest level of customer satisfaction to maintain the impeccable service. Every detail into consideration adhere to the same standards and excellent service aims to exceed the expectations of the guests.
Equipped Vehicles
The company is large and modern fleet has a vehicle. These tools comfortable and safe travel experience to offer are treated with care and equipped. Guests can travel comfortably equipped in the vehicle.
Certified Drivers
MIA VIP TOUR, experienced and certified drivers offering its services. Drivers are trained in matters of security and the safety of guests and professionalism always keep in the forefront.
Strong Reference
The company has a strong reference with the excellent service that you provided in the past. Leading conglomerates, companies and prestigious clients such as the choice of ministries, MIA refers to the reliability and quality of the VIP tour.

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